Misel Quitno

Quisel Mitgno


Misel Quitno is a gardener and musician from Stettin, Poland. He lives in Switzerland since 2005. Misel released his adventurous debut Sleep Over Pieces through Everest Records in 2007 (bit.ly/2kWKCJs), only to disappear for the following 10 years. In 2016 he joined Dimitri Grimm’s Nipl label with new offerings, applying his spirit to explorations of the functional Minimalistic.


Glück II (2020, Ripl Music, CH)
Glück (2019, Ripl Music, CH)
(2019, Ripl Music, CH)
Seams of the Days Part 3 & 4
(2018, Ripl Music, CH)
Seams of the Days
Part 1 & 2 (2017, Ripl Music, CH)
Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1
(2007, Everest Records, CH)

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