Misel Quitno


Like everyone and everything else, Misel Quitno is a figment of a strange God’s imagination. He’s also a gardener from eastern Europe, living in Bern, Switzerland since 2005. He is perhaps a sort of composer, too. He uses instruments he doesn’t play. We at Nipl Music enjoy listening to and sharing his endevours ever since hearing his free and unique approach to making musics on his 2007 debut, «Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1».


Glück (2019, Ripl Music, CH)
(2019, Ripl Music, CH)
Seams of the Days Part 3 & 4
(2018, Ripl Music, CH)
Seams of the Days
Part 1 & 2 (2017, Ripl Music, CH)
Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1
(2007, Everest Records, CH)

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