Dimlite: Newmakes | Selection 1 (RPL 009)

A collection of well-nigh old Dimlite reworks of other people’s music from the nullties and the 10’s, some barely or not at all available until now.

The compilation begins in the year 2007 with Dimlite’s version of Mullokian by the now-defunct band Found from Edinburgh. Ziggy, the singer of this song, goes by Lomond Campbell these days. The second track, Golden Solitude, was re-worked for Richard Eigner of Ritornell. It differs from all the other remakes in that the tune’s fundament is a weave of small, edited snips taken from the original recordings. Next is the obtrusive inversion of Flylo’s Infinitum, built around the one-word lyrics by Laura Darlington. The fourth track is a re-telling of Merz’s The hunting Owl, with these airplane/drone-engine noises for a fundament. The newmake of Sébastien Tellier’s Sedulous is a lost-and-found thing. It wanted to be, but couldn’t. By the time it was given up on and thrown away, all that was left from the original song were a few shreds of Tellier’s voice. The following version of Chapelier Fou’s Protest could be called a reframing, since it mostly reiterates and underlines the original’s violin theme. The seventh tune, Feedback, grew from a short four-note miniature serving as an interlude of the same name on Mr. Chop’s album ‘Illuminate’. Track 8 is a jagged re-telling of Canterbury-based band Syd Arthur’s Autograph. And concluding this first collection of Newmakes: another lost-and-found bit which started out as a cover of Dorian Concept’s album opener The Sky opposite, but then, over the course of many versions, evolved into something of its own.

Available here: Dimlite | Newmakes, Selection 1

Music, Instruments and Machinery by D. Grimm, except: Vocals on Mullokian written and performed by Ziggy Campbell. Golden Solitude contains altered source recordings (Piano/upright Bass/Drums/Sax) written and performed by Richard Eigner & Roman Gerold. Vocals on Infinitum written/performed by Laura Darlington. Vocals on The hunting Owl written/performed by Conrad Merz. Sedulous contains altered source recordings (Voice) written/performed by S. Tellier. Strings on Protest written/performed by L. Warynski. Bowed Piano on Feedback written/performed by C. Littler. Vocals on Autograph written/performed by Liam Magill.