Introducing: Ripl Mixes

And so we’re excitedly starting to bring you stereo fodder. Old music, really old music, new music, and some of our favourite music. We intend to wrap the universe around your head, nothing less. Those mixes can be deliciously bumpy rides, and if you drop off at any point you’ll miss out after the next curve.

The series kicks off with the guy Dimlite, and it fits the season – wether autumn makes you struggle with gloom or rollick in piles of dead leaves – take this one with you when you go do your thing.

Click here to download.



1. Arzachel – Clean Innocent Fun (Klimt)
2. Tigran Hamasyan – What The Waves Brought In (Verve)
3. Micachu – Fall (Rough Trade)
4. Dorian Concept – Row Out (Affine)
5. James Zoo – Palmpolysanto (Rush Hour)
6. Furieux Busard – Decals of the entering world (No label)
7. Said El Kurdi – Kassem Miro (Honest Jon’s)
8. Fennesz – Saffron Revolution (Touch)
9. Merz – The Hunting Owl (Dimlite re-hunt) (Accidental)
10. Natural Yoghurt Band – Psalm (Now-Again)
11. The Association – Barefoot Gentleman (Warner)
12. The Middle East – Blood (Furieux Busard edit)
13. Julian Sartorius – 5. September 2011 (Everest)
14. Cliff Martinez – We don’t have to think like that anymore (La La Land)